Information about the sanatorium establishments of Crimea for rest

It is important!
1. Clinical specialized sanatorium "Simeiz"
Address: Republic of Crimea, Yalta, town. Simeiz, st. Sovetskaya, 3
Phone: (3654) 24-01-39, 24-02-04
Head physician - Mikhail Mikhailovich Kobitsky

2. Sanatorium for children and children with parents "Seagull" them. Gelilovichi
Address: 297493, Republic of Crimea, Evpatoria, town. Zaozernoe, st. Friendship Alley, 61
Phone: (36569) 2-11-57, 2-11-58
Head physician - Anna Ivanovna Seredinskaya

Life after the New Year holidays.

Every New Year is one and the same. The wave of holidays covers already by the end of December: corporate parties, matinees, gatherings on the occasion of the wires of the year. Sweets and gingerbread sprinkle, and tangerines fly in like seeds. From the 31st heavy artillery sets in, with olivier and stuffed duck. Refill it with an alcoholic platter and a shot down daily routine. Voila - by the end of a long weekend we get logical consequences:

  • kilograms gained

• swelling

• loss of muscle tone and topography

• tired face skin and circles under the eyes

• down mode

• apathy, irritability

Doubtful achievements, but even this is not a reason to plunge into gloom and exhausting training. Calmly accept the consequences and tune in to work on yourself. Even minor changes encourage the operation to continue: Transfiguration. The main thing is to do everything with love.

Safety Rules for Using Pyrotechnics

Everyone wants to make the holiday colorful and beautiful. Nothing is easier! Fireworks, firecrackers and other pyrotechnic products will realize your desires. But in the pursuit of special effects, many forget that you have a very dangerous thing in your hands. 

The basis of fireworks is pyrotechnic compositions - mixtures of combustible substances and oxidizing agents. 

These compounds should be flammable and brightly burned. Therefore, fireworks are fire-hazardous products and require increased attention when handling them!

Gym driving

The life of car owners is a frantic kaleidoscope of events. One cityscape gives way to another, streets, houses, cars, faces flash. We believe in the old fashion that a car is comfort and dynamics. And this despite the fact that many often have to spend in traffic jams for several hours a day. Paradoxically, the very idea of a “dynamic life" that we aspired to while mastering driving becomes the first victim of a car. So road users lose their movement in the original sense of the word. The diagnosis is physical inactivity. Our advice: use the minutes of idle "in traffic" for the benefit of yourself.

Perform simple exercises, from which you will certainly feel a surge of strength and feel cheerfulness.

Essential amino acids

We are protein organisms. And amino acids are the bricks from which the body builds its own proteins. The human body can synthesize some amino acids, but there are several essential amino acids that can be obtained only in finished form - from food. Such amino acids are called essential.

Deficiency or lack of essential amino acids is dangerous to health! It is often said that we eat a lot of excess and this is true. But if something important is lacking in nutrition, this is no better. And essential amino acids are undoubtedly important. 

A person cannot synthesize certain amino acids due to the lack of an appropriate enzyme. There are 8 such amino acids for adults and 10 for children.


Alcohol is the enemy of your heart.

It is believed that alcoholic beverages are useful in certain diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Other people even justify their addiction to alcohol with their ailments. Do they know how much such “treatment” will cost them? You will have to pay with early atherosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, and ultimately premature death. And they will not keep themselves waiting, because alcohol only at first hurts imperceptibly, and then more and more clearly, more and more destroy the basic system of the body’s vital activity - the cardiovascular system.

October 22 - International Day of Stuttering People!

Actors Bruce Willis and Anthony Hopkins, the prophet Moses, Emperor Claudius, writer Lewis Carroll, philosopher Demosthenes, former Prime Minister of Great Britain Winston Churchill, actresses Marilyn Monroe and Julia Roberts ... What unites all these people except recognized talent? 

You may be surprised, but they are united by the presence of a speech defect - stuttering. But this defect did not prevent them from reaching heights in various fields.

According to the International Classification of Diseases, stuttering is a speech disorder characterized by frequent repetition or prolongation of sounds, syllables and words, as well as frequent stops or indecision in speech, breaking its rhythmic course.

Russian logopedic literature interprets the term “stuttering” as follows: “violation of the tempo-rhythmic organization of speech due to the convulsive state of the muscles of the speech apparatus”. Often stuttering is associated with logoophobia (verbophobia) - a fear of saying what is the result or cause of stuttering.

Influenza and its prevention.

What is flu and what is its danger?

Influenza is an infectious disease that anyone can get sick with. The causative agent of influenza is a virus that from infected people enters the nasopharynx of others. 

Most people get the flu for only a few days, but some get more serious, possibly a serious illness, including death.

When the flu exacerbates existing chronic diseases, in addition, the flu has an extensive list of possible complications:

• Pulmonary complications (pneumonia, bronchitis). It is pneumonia that causes most deaths from influenza.

• Complications of the upper respiratory tract and ENT organs (otitis media, sinusitis, rhinitis, tracheitis). 

• Complications of the cardiovascular system (myocarditis, pericarditis).

• Complications of the nervous system (meningitis, meningoencephalitis, encephalitis, neuralgia).

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