October 23 - Kabuki Syndrome Awareness Day.

The date of October 23 is known in several countries as Kabuki Syndrome Awareness Day. Unfortunately for man, the diseases that bring him suffering are very diverse. And a number of diseases are known only to a narrow circle of specialists and people who are faced with a disease. 

Almost every person knows at least something about the influenza virus, ARVI, pneumonia and other diseases that one has to "face" in life. We also know about terrible incurable diseases that claim thousands of human lives. But among all this unpleasant variety, there are also such diseases that are extremely rare, but, unfortunately, do not become easier from this.

October 8 - World Vision Day!


World Vision Day is celebrated annually on the second Thursday of October since 1998 by the decision of the World Health Organization as part of the Vision 2020: The Right to Sight Global Program against Blindness.

The holiday focuses on the need to respect their eyesight and teaches people to properly care for their eyes in order to look at the world with a clear eye before old age and enjoy its beauty and uniqueness without distortion. In addition, World Vision Day calls for sensitivity to unfortunate people who lack the ability to see. Human eyes, as a sense organ and a means of knowing the world, are very complicated and fragile enough.

September 17 - world patient safety day

On September 17 in Russia, as in all countries participating in the World Health Organization, for the second time, World Patient Safety Day will be celebrated, established on May 25, 2019 at the World Health Assembly.

Patient safety is one of the priorities of the Russian healthcare system. For the second year in a row, events have been held in our country to draw everyone's attention to the issues of safe medical care and to develop the commitment of healthcare professionals to ensuring patient safety. 

I would have a vacation after vacation

Complaints about post-holiday stress are a common reason for seeking medical attention today. 

Meanwhile, experts note: a decadent mood after rest is a frequent and natural phenomenon. The person returns to the usual rhythm of life and ... begins to experience stress, as well as unwillingness to go to work. 

There are even a number of professions and psychotypes that are most often subject to such moral tests. These include: managers, doctors, educators, journalists, sales agents, salespeople, waiters. Melancholic and phlegmatic people experience the most pronounced stress.

It's time for mushrooms. Security measures.

       Not everyone likes summer rains and cold snaps. And although for most people picking mushrooms seems like a waste of time, a real mushroom picker will probably object to this and remain right. 

From a psychological point of view, mushroom pickers are not just looking for food for dinner or breakfast, but effectively and with pleasure get rid of stress, and also relax with the benefit of their own psyche and physical health. It is as active a hobby as football or hockey for avid fans and amateurs.

Memo for Citizens: Free Medicines or Cash Compensation?

The Health Department of the Vladimir Region has prepared a memo for citizens making a choice: free medicines or monetary compensation.The provision of state social assistance, including the receipt of drugs on preferential terms, is guaranteed by the state. It is extremely important to make the right choice of the form of such assistance.At a time when a person's well-being does not cause much concern, chronic diseases do not aggravate and do not progress, it is easy for him to succumb to the temptation to replace natural benefits with a monthly cash payment (MAP). As soon as the condition worsens and the disease becomes protracted, monetary compensation is clearly not enough. Such a burden for the family budget can be overwhelming. This is especially true for patients suffering from diseases such as diabetes mellitus, bronchial asthma, epilepsy, ulcerative forms of gastrointestinal diseases, oncological diseases and others. The average cost of treating patients with such diseases is from 5 thousand rubles and reaches more than 300 thousand rubles per month.

Be carefull! Heat (sun) stroke.

Spending a lot of time outdoors in the hot season, a person is constantly at risk of heat or sunstroke, which are very often interrelated. Heatstroke itself is a painful condition resulting from prolonged exposure to high temperatures on the body. Simply put, it is overheating of the body. Naturally, it can be obtained by being under direct exposure to sunlight for a long time, but heatstroke occurs even easier than solar heat - it is enough to spend several hours in a stuffy room or work for a while in too tight clothes, while for solar requires almost spa conditions. What is the mechanism of the harmful effects of heatstroke on the body? For its normal functioning, the temperature of the human body should not be higher than 37 degrees, and as a result of overheating in the body, the processes of heat generation intensify and at the same time the processes of heat transfer slow down. As a result, all vital functions are seriously impaired, up to cardiac arrest in especially difficult cases.
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