The Regional Ministry of Health approved the Unified Day of Personal Reception of Citizens

The procedure for conducting personal receptions of citizens in healthcare institutions of the Vladimir region is being changed. Now the chief physicians will receive the population on the same day and at the same time.

  Reception schedule:
   on Tuesdays
   from 14.00 to 18.00

  Procedure for enrolling in person:

Registration for a personal appointment will be carried out by employees of medical institutions on the basis of written applications from citizens or by phone.

  The order of the personal reception:

  Personal reception of citizens is carried out in order of priority according to the record.
  Citizens who are in a state of narcotic, toxic, alcoholic intoxication are not allowed to attend in person.
  In the case of rude, aggressive behavior of a citizen, the commission of actions that violate public order, the reception may be terminated by decision of the head of the institution.
  The content of the oral appeal of a citizen, voiced at a personal reception, is entered in the personal reception card of a citizen.
If the citizen agrees, the official conducting the personal reception provides an oral response to the appeal.
  If new issues arise at a personal appointment that cannot be resolved directly during the appointment, the citizen is invited to state the issues of interest to him in a written appeal, which is subject to registration as a newly received one.

  Phone numbers and appointment times are posted on websites and in official communities on social networks of medical organizations.
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June 1 - International Children's Day!

It so happened that on this day the long-awaited summer holidays begin for schoolchildren. Therefore, the little heroes of the occasion have twice as many reasons for joy.

And adults usually do not rest on Children's Day, for them it is a full-time working day. Meanwhile, the date appeared on the calendar primarily for them, because the main purpose of the holiday is to tell all people about the problems and difficulties that children face, and to remind them of how important it is to protect their rights.

When is Children's Day celebrated in 2023

For many Russians, it will not be difficult to answer when Children's Day is celebrated, since this holiday is very loved in our country. Of course, it's June 1st.

By the way, it is more correct to call the holiday International Children's Day, since June 1 celebrations are held in more than 60 countries. 

Moreover, the holiday even has its own flag - a green canvas, on which five multi-colored schematic men (red, blue, black, white and yellow) are located around the symbol denoting our planet. Together, this symbolizes the unity and diversity of people living on Earth.

Children's Day

В ГБУЗ ВО МЦЛФК и СМ проходят занятия по лечебной физкультуре с детьми. Маленькие пациенты приходят к нам с такими заболеваниями как: сколиоз, миопия и плоскостопие. 

В честь Всемирного Дня защиты детей мы решили поздравить наших любимых пациентов с этим праздником и вручили им по воздушному шарику, а также сладости. 

Не забыли мы и про спортсменов, которые пришли к нам на мед. осмотр. 

Reporting events on World No Tobacco Day.

 1) 26.05. a lecture was held with athletes in the school "Energy" on the topic: "Smoking as doping."
 2) 29.05. a seminar was held with members of the meeting on the topic "The impact of smoking on the human body."
 3) 31.05. the campaign "Change a cigarette for a candy" was carried out among the population on the territory of the complex.
 4) Leaflets on the topic "The effect of smoking on the heart" were printed and distributed both among the population and among athletes.

May 31 is World No Tobacco Day!

When they celebrate

World No Tobacco Day is celebrated annually on May 31st. It is not a national holiday in Russia, but the country supports promotions associated with the date. The holiday was established by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1988.

In many countries around the world, the third Thursday of November is celebrated as International No Tobacco Day. 

May 17 - World Hypertension Day

The purpose of the Day is to bring information to the general public about the danger of this pathological condition and the severity of its medical complications, as well as to increase knowledge about methods of prevention and early diagnosis.

World Hypertension Day will be held under the motto "Know your blood pressure numbers". 

It must be remembered that hypertension is a "silent killer". Hypertension has no obvious symptoms, except for high blood pressure, it affects vital organs - target organs such as the brain, heart, blood vessels, retina, kidneys.

Currently, about 40% of the population in Russia suffer from arterial hypertension.

Identification of hypertension is the first step in the fight against this disease. This goal can be achieved by organizing regular measurement of blood pressure, not only when feeling unwell, but also in the absence of complaints.

Blood pressure often rises in people who abuse salty, fatty foods, alcohol, in stressful situations, increased cholesterol levels, smoking, low physical activity, aggravated heredity.

May 5 - World Hand Hygiene Day

Dangerous inhabitants of the hands

During the day, human hands come into contact with dozens and hundreds of various surfaces. Pathogenic bacteria, viruses, eggs of parasites accumulate on the skin of the hands, and then can enter the human body and cause various diseases. What diseases are most often transmitted through dirty hands? 

1. Acute intestinal infections - cholera, dysentery, typhoid fever, giardiasis, salmonellosis, hepatitis A, rotavirus, norovirus infections, etc.

2. Helminthiases (worms) - the most common helminths - roundworms and pinworms, but more than a dozen other species of these organisms are found in people.

3. Infections with the main route of transmission - airborne - measles, SARS, scarlet fever, influenza, rubella, diphtheria, chicken pox, etc.

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