It is important!
In order to ensure accessibility and increase the level of awareness and satisfaction of the population on the provision of medical care and reduce the time for dialing citizens, 2 additional numbers for mobile telephones were purchased at the Murom Center for Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.

You can call the center for physiotherapy exercises and sports medicine in order to:

appointments with a doctor;
providing background information on the work and activities of a medical organization;
records for diagnostic tests as prescribed by the attending physician;
receiving applications from citizens.
Contact numbers: 8 (960) -737-29-07, 8 (960) -737-29-27. Cellular telephones work from 8:00 to 20:00 every day, seven days a week. On weekdays, the reception telephone also works: 8 (49234) 3-18-67.

June 26 - International Day Against Drug Addiction

In 1987, the UN General Assembly, by its resolution, decided to celebrate June 26 every year as the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Traffic as a sign of its determination to strengthen action and cooperation with the goal of creating an international society free from drug abuse. 

The decision was taken on December 7, 1987, based on the recommendation of the International Conference on Drug Abuse and Illicit Control.

May 3rd is World Asthma Day!

World Asthma Day is an annual event held on the first Tuesday of May under the auspices of the Global Asthma Initiative and supported by the World Health Organization (WHO). For the first time this Day was held in 1998 in 35 countries and was timed to coincide with the World Forum on Bronchial Asthma. Every year the number of participating countries increases. 

April 7 - World Health Day!

World Health Day is celebrated annually on April 7, the day the World Health Organization (WHO) was founded in 1948. Since that historical moment, 194 states of the world have become members of the World Health Organization (WHO).

The annual celebration of Health Day has become a tradition since 1950. The Day's outreach activities are held to let people know how much health means in their lives. And health organizations are called upon to decide what they need to do to improve the health of people around the world. 

Every year, World Health Day is dedicated to the global problems facing the health of the planet, and is held under different mottos: “Your blood is safe - saving the lives of many”, “Activity is the path to longevity”, “Pregnancy is a special event in life. Let's make it safe", "Protect health from climate change", "1000 cities - 1000 lives", "Urbanization and health", 

Who is contraindicated in fitness

If you decide to go in for fitness, you should definitely consult a doctor, because. there are diseases in which a medical challenge is put from fitness. General contraindications to physical activity include: borderline states of the psyche, mental disorders and epilepsy, organic heart disease, malignant tumors, severe spinal injuries, recent traumatic brain injury, heart attack, and some others. In such cases, you can get recommendations only for physiotherapy exercises, and even then not always.

     An exacerbation of any chronic diseases, acute respiratory viral infections and even ... lack of sleep can become a temporary method. Weakened or exhausted by insomnia, the body will not benefit from training.

These are general recommendations

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