It is important!
In order to ensure accessibility and increase the level of awareness and satisfaction of the population on the provision of medical care and reduce the time for dialing citizens, 2 additional numbers for mobile telephones were purchased at the Murom Center for Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.

You can call the center for physiotherapy exercises and sports medicine in order to:

appointments with a doctor;
providing background information on the work and activities of a medical organization;
records for diagnostic tests as prescribed by the attending physician;
receiving applications from citizens.
Contact numbers: 8 (960) -737-29-07, 8 (960) -737-29-27. Cellular telephones work from 8:00 to 20:00 every day, seven days a week. On weekdays, the reception telephone also works: 8 (49234) 3-18-67.

October 15 is World Breast Cancer Day.

October marks the start of World Breast Cancer Month, which was announced by the World Health Organization in 1993. In addition, World Breast Cancer Day is held annually on October 15 in 44 countries.

The purpose of this Day is to focus public attention on global problems associated with breast cancer, to raise public awareness of approaches to prevention, early detection and treatment. 

Breast cancer also takes the first place in the structure of oncological morbidity of the entire population. 5% of cases are detected at stage 4 of the disease. More than 180 women die every year from breast tumors, of which every sixth was registered for less than a year from the moment of diagnosis. The disease is rapidly growing younger. Every 20th case was registered in women aged 20 to 40 years. More than 90% of all breast cancer cases are diagnosed in women over 40 years of age. The maximum incidence is observed in the age range of 40-60 years. During this period, hormonal changes occur, which leads to a decrease in the protective capabilities and stability of the hormonal system.

September 29 - World Heart Day!

It is customary to celebrate World Heart Day on September twenty-ninth. It should be noted that this date is a holiday every year. This holiday has existed since 1999. The holiday appeared thanks to the appropriate actions of the World Heart Federation. Initially, it was customary to celebrate the holiday on the last Sunday in September, but in 2011 the date became fixed (twenty-ninth September). The new date was chosen to mark the increased danger, as the epidemic of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) falls during the cold season. In addition, at the end of autumn there is an opportunity for additional preventive measures to reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack, coronary artery disease. An equally important factor is the presence of a motto that draws public attention to existing problems and the value of their body: "Heart for life." 

World Patient Safety Day 2021.

On September 17, 2021, the Ministry of Health of Russia, together with Roszdravnadzor and in cooperation with the WHO Representative Office in Russia, are planning events dedicated to World Patient Safety Day

For World Patient Safety Day 2021, the theme “Safety in care for mothers and newborns” was chosen due to the high risk and harm burdens women and newborns face from unsafe childbirth care. This problem has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to disruptions in the provision of basic health care due to interrupted supply chains, a lack of access for women to receive the health care they need, and a shortage of qualified health professionals.

It is important to note that even before the COVID-19 pandemic, about 810 women and 6,700 newborns died every day, with the causes of this death most often occurring in the perinatal period (WHO data). In addition, about 2 million cases of stillbirth are recorded every year, with more than 40% during childbirth. In most cases, these deaths and stillbirths can be avoided by ensuring that safe and quality care is provided by skilled health workers who, in turn, have a favorable working environment.

The following slogan was chosen for the information campaign: "It's time to take urgent measures to ensure a safe and dignified birth!" This slogan calls on all stakeholders to accelerate efforts to ensure a safe and dignified birth.

Information about the World Patient Safety Day is posted on the website of the WHO, the Ministry of Health of Russia and Roszdravnadzor in the relevant sections.

School injuries.

Injury poses a serious threat to the health and life of adults and children. Every year, millions of people on the planet are injured, become disabled, lose their lives.

What is injuries? 

Injuries - a set of injuries sustained in certain circumstances for the same groups of the population over a certain period of time (month, quarter, year, etc.).

Of particular concern is child injuries. Injuries in children often lead to serious consequences, which may affect the state of health and performance in the future.

August 22 is the day of the state flag of the Russian Federation

Every year on August 22, Russia celebrates the State Flag Day of the Russian Federation, established on the basis of Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 1714 of August 20, 1994 “On the Day of the State Flag of the Russian Federation”. On August 22, 1991, the tricolor Russian flag was officially raised for the first time over the White House in Moscow, replacing the red cloth with a sickle and a hammer as a state symbol. 

It's time for vacations. What you need to know

First, let's talk about the signs. That you have to go on vacation. Many people do not take full advantage of their paid leave, and even more are forced to work while on vacation. We all really need to pull ourselves together and start resting properly. Taking a break from work can greatly improve productivity. Conversely, working without rest is a surefire way to burn out.

Here are some signs that you really need a vacation: 

1. You are more and more like a passport photo

Any signs of chronic stress that might signal impending burnout are obvious warning signs: irritability with colleagues, difficulty concentrating on routine tasks, chronic tension headaches, back pain, stomach problems, or more serious health problems.

And eat a watermelon - and not get poisoned.

The season for the sale of watermelons and melons has begun. However, no sooner had it begun than there are already those who have poisoned themselves with these sweet fruits.

And this despite the fact that every year doctors, like a mantra, tell us that there are early watermelons and melons, which appear in abundance on the shelves of stores and markets at the beginning of summer, it is very dangerous. In order to sell their goods as early as possible (and therefore at the highest price), manufacturers use special fertilizers for their accelerated ripening. 

Meanwhile, even a single consumption of watermelon or melon with a suspended content of nitrates can lead to food poisoning. Such poisoning is especially dangerous for pregnant women, because it can lead to miscarriage, premature birth, intrauterine fetal death, and so on. Doctors confirm that with "summer" poisoning of varying severity, they are treated annually, as soon as watermelons appear on the market.

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