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In order to ensure accessibility and increase the level of awareness and satisfaction of the population on the provision of medical care and reduce the time for dialing citizens, 2 additional numbers for mobile telephones were purchased at the Murom Center for Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.

You can call the center for physiotherapy exercises and sports medicine in order to:

appointments with a doctor;
providing background information on the work and activities of a medical organization;
records for diagnostic tests as prescribed by the attending physician;
receiving applications from citizens.
Contact numbers: 8 (960) -737-29-07, 8 (960) -737-29-27. Cellular telephones work from 8:00 to 20:00 every day, seven days a week. On weekdays, the reception telephone also works: 8 (49234) 3-18-67.

How to recover after the New Year holidays

New Year and Christmas holidays give a lot of positive emotions. However, many people feel melancholy and apathy after the celebrations. The reason lies in the fact that our body cannot quickly switch - we want the work routine not to come, and the weekend lasts longer.

The normal recovery time is “two weeks maximum”. Here are a few ways to get rid of the stress of the New Year and get involved in work. 

Pandemic COVID-19 and mental health.

For many people, the current COVID-19 pandemic has caused severe emotional distress. Each of us, regardless of gender and age, runs the risk of becoming emotionally broken by fear at any time when faced with a coronavirus infection.

The emotional response to an outbreak of a dangerous infectious disease manifests itself individually, however, first of all, it depends on previous experience, health characteristics and social environment. 

Emotional stress during outbreaks of dangerous infectious diseases can have the following manifestations:

• fear for your health and the health of loved ones;

• changes in sleep and nutrition;

• deterioration in the ability to concentrate and difficulty falling asleep;

• exacerbation of chronic diseases;

• worsening of the course of chronic mental disorders;

• increased consumption of alcohol, nicotine or other psychoactive drugs.

People respond to emotional stress in different ways. Experts note that stress is harder than others:

December 1 - World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day is celebrated annually on December 1. People around the world come together to show support for people living with or affected by HIV, and remember those who have died of AIDS-related illnesses. In 2020, the world's attention is focused on the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the lives and well-being of people. This pandemic has shown us once again how closely the issue of health is linked to other important issues, such as tackling inequality, human rights, gender equality, social protection and economic growth. That is why the main theme of this year's World AIDS Day is “International Solidarity, Shared Responsibility”.COVID-19 has clearly demonstrated that in any pandemic, everyone's safety depends on everyone's safety. To be successful, you need to provide help to all who need it. Eradicating stigma and discrimination, taking into account the interests of the population and adopting approaches based on human rights and gender equality are the main conditions for ending the HIV and COVID-19 pandemics.

The Ministry of Health of Russia has changed the rules for the discharge of patients with Covid-19

If a patient with Covid-19 has a normal clinical picture, and at the same time he has a separate room, he does not live in a hostel, in a communal apartment, together with people aged 65+ and chronically ill, he can be treated at home. In this case, discharge is allowed without receiving a negative test for Covid-19. The corresponding changes were made on October 28 to the order of the Ministry of Health of Russia No. 198n dated March 19, 2020.
The patient is discharged under the supervision of a local doctor at the place of residence. At the same time, he should be informed about the need to call a doctor or an ambulance if the condition worsens, and those living with him - about the risks of infection. The patient must comply with medical appointments and sanitary prescriptions during the entire period of treatment. Taking a smear for Covid-19 is performed on an outpatient basis.

November 12 - World Pneumonia Day.

Pneumonia is an infectious lung disease that most commonly affects children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems. Various types of microorganisms can cause pneumonia.

This international day has appeared on the calendar at the initiative of the Global Coalition Against Childhood Pneumonia. This is the name of an association of international, governmental, non-governmental and local organizations, research and educational institutions, foundations and citizen activists. The coalition aims to raise awareness of the pneumonia problem with government officials, health professionals and potential donors. 

October 23 - Kabuki Syndrome Awareness Day.

The date of October 23 is known in several countries as Kabuki Syndrome Awareness Day. Unfortunately for man, the diseases that bring him suffering are very diverse. And a number of diseases are known only to a narrow circle of specialists and people who are faced with a disease. 

Almost every person knows at least something about the influenza virus, ARVI, pneumonia and other diseases that one has to "face" in life. We also know about terrible incurable diseases that claim thousands of human lives. But among all this unpleasant variety, there are also such diseases that are extremely rare, but, unfortunately, do not become easier from this.

October 8 - World Vision Day!


World Vision Day is celebrated annually on the second Thursday of October since 1998 by the decision of the World Health Organization as part of the Vision 2020: The Right to Sight Global Program against Blindness.

The holiday focuses on the need to respect their eyesight and teaches people to properly care for their eyes in order to look at the world with a clear eye before old age and enjoy its beauty and uniqueness without distortion. In addition, World Vision Day calls for sensitivity to unfortunate people who lack the ability to see. Human eyes, as a sense organ and a means of knowing the world, are very complicated and fragile enough.
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